FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions :

General Questions
+Applying for a job
+Accessibility issues If encountered on the site.
+Donation policy
+Promotional code or promotional offer not valid .
+Requesting for samples.
+Selling chocolates in store.
Storage Care
+Storing the chocolate to keep it fresh.
+Storage duration to keep chocolates taste fresh.
+Storing the chocolate for more than two weeks or more .
+Bringing the chocolate to room temperature before consumption.
Shipping and Ordering
+Same day shipping.
+Order shipping duration.
+Ship to more than one address at a time.
+Scheduling your own delivery.
+Shipping to multiple person on a single order.
+Ordering for a future date or putting it on hold.
+Placing orders for outside of the United Arab Emirates.
+Chocolate delivery in summers.
+VAT or other TAX charges .
+Forms of payment accepted.
+Shipping to a Post Office Box Address.
+Shipping & courier details.
Tracking an Order
+Creating an account during checkout.
+Receiving an order confirmation.
+Receiving shipping details and confirmation.
Information on Allergy
+Dairy products.
+Nuts Products.
+Gluten products.
Occasion – Event Parties and Wedding Favor
+Placing orders for favor in advance.
+Availing volume discounts.
Return Policy
+Return Policy